The Aviary Overlord
The Aviary Overlord


The Desmond Debacle


Slow Motion, Fluffy, Heavy, Reverse Gravity

Goal Time

195.00 seconds

Shift Goal

25 shifts


Awkward Noise Generator


Elevator Shafted



The Aviary Overlord is the sixth and final level in The Desmond Debacle downloadable content pack for Quantum Conundrum.

Unlike most levels which are completed by exiting through a door, this level is considered over once the giant Drinking Bird is knocked into the pit below at the level's end.


The object is to break the blue beam at the far end of the room to make the robots push the giant bird into the pit.

Start by inserting the Slow Time (yellow) and Fluffy (purple) tubes into the machine. Activate the machine on the wall to get a safe. Use Fluffy to pick up the safe. Wait until the giant bird is in sight on the opposite side of the room.

Stand back a bit from the laser wall, throw the safe, then immediately activate Slow Time. Quickly change the Fluffy tube to the Heavy (red) tube. Activate Heavy to make the safe pass through the lasers unharmed. When the safe is on the other side, immediately use Slow Time again.

Change the Heavy tube for the Reverse (green) tube. Activate Reverse and turn it off and on to make the safe float towards the other end of the room and hit the blue laser beam.


In the large area where safes and compression platforms are needed to interrupt blue trip lasers to allow passage through the room with criss-crossing lasers to retrieve the Reverse Gravity IDS Battery, an Awkward Noise Generator is on a small platform high above the back of the room where the battery is originally located. After retrieving and installing the battery, a safe can be ridden over the lasers to reach the Noise Generator.