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The Slow Motion Dimension is the third dimension introduced in Quantum Conundrum. The player first controls this dimension in the Yellow Wing.

Slow Motion

The Slow-Motion dimension allows this wave of furniture to move slow enough the player can skip across.

Everything, except the player due to the influence of the IDS Device, moves twenty times slower than normal while in this dimension. This can be used to get on top of a flying safe or other object in order to ride it across an area or even to toss an object and then be able to move and catch it before it lands.

In this dimension all Science Juice is yellow.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only dimension that has an affect on IDS Batteries.
    • This can be seen as a plot hole, as Professor Quadrangle states that the batteries, as well as all other Quadrangle tech, is unaffected by all dimensional shifts.
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