Science Juice conduit

Science Juice is a glowing liquid substance seen pumped through conduits throughout Quadwrangle Manor. An energy source, superconductor, and able to amplify electric frequencies, it is stored in IDS Batteries and used by IDS Receptacles to widen interdimensional rifts allowing someone holding an IDS Device to pass into alternate dimensions. It is also used as a source of material for DOLLIs cloning abilities.

Science Juice is normally yellow, though it appears as different colors depending on what dimension the player is currently in, the same color as the juice stored in the battery for that dimension.

Professor Quadwrangle also points out that Science Juice is radioactive, flammable, and also not safe to drink. It is also apparently not safe to touch with bare skin, due to the fact that even partially touching it causes death.

Science Juice comes from an undisclosed biological source. Due to the Professor's tone when stating this, it is most likely quite disgusting.


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