Professor Fitz Quadwrangle is the brilliant and eccentric inventor of the Inter-Dimensional Shift Device and the uncle of Quantum Conundrum's Protagonist. Shortly after being corralled into watching his nephew by his sister, the Professor finds himself trapped by one of his inventions and with a concussion preventing him from remembering exactly what occurred. He then uses the manor's intercom to guide the protagonist through uncovering and fixing the problem with the aid of the IDS Device.

Prof. Fitz Quadwrangle is voiced by actor John de Lancie.


Inter-Dimensional Shift DeviceEdit

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The IDS Device allows rifts between parallel dimensions to be widened and the operator of the device to pass through into those dimensions. It controls the main gameplay mechanic in Quantum Conundrum.

I.D.S Dimensional Manifold LensesEdit

Part of Project Shift, they are goggles that can visibly render parallel dimensions. They can be see worn by the Professor in paintings and promotional material for the game.


Besides the protagonist, there are others whose portraits can be found hanging in Quadwrangle Manor. When looking at one, the Professor will sometimes go into detail about who they are.

Time TravelEdit

According to the Professor, he and Ike have traveled through time together. They have visited the 1970s, visited feudal Japan, and gone searching for a "lost city of gold." They have also hunted tigers, which is apparently only legal in the past, and visited the future, which is a good source of clothing to take to present-day science fiction conventions.


  • Professor Quadwrangle was apparently quite the athlete in college, having been on both the track and field team and the basketball team.


Quantum Conundrum Exclusive John de Lancie Trailer

Quantum Conundrum Exclusive John de Lancie Trailer