Using the Inter-Dimensional Shift Device players can shift between dimensions to manipulate the world around them and progress through levels in Quantum Conundrum. Each dimension the player gains access to becomes a valuable asset to manipulate objects in the manor in a specific way.

In addition, paintings found on Quadwrangle Manor's walls will usually appear differently depending on what dimension the player is in. For instance, the Reverse Gravity dimension may cause a portrait's subject to appear to be accelerating upward. This is only a cosmetic change, however, and does not affect gameplay.

Fluffy DimensionEdit

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Fluffy icon
Fluffy is the first dimension unlocked in the game. Its battery is pink in color. Once the battery is installed in an IDS Receptacle in the area and the dimension activated, the rooms walls, ceiling, floor, and objects will turn into a fluffy state. In this dimension, heavy items such as safes are easy to grab and throw around, although fluffy objects are typically not heavy enough to activate pressure platforms.

Heavy DimensionEdit

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Heavy icon
The heavy dimension is the second to be unlocked in the game. Its IDS Battery is red. While activated, gameplay items such as sofas, tables, chairs, safes, and cardboard boxes are affected making them ten times heavier than usual allowing certain lighter items to heavy enough activate the pressure platforms. Items affected are impervious to laser beams.

Slow Motion DimensionEdit

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Requiring it's yellow-colored battery to be installed, objects in this dimension move much slower than usual allowing the player to use falling objects as a makeshift bridge or allowing them to hop aboard thrown objects for a ride.

Reverse Gravity DimensionEdit

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Reverse gravity icon
The reverse gravity dimension reverses the force of gravity, making inanimate objects accelerate upwards instead of down. This dimension's battery is green in color. The reverse gravity dimension is good for accessing switches on the ceilings or using objects, like safes, as an elevator or transport.

Normal DimensionEdit

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This is the standard dimension that all objects exist in as their normal form. Gravity, time, and the physical makeup of objects in this dimension fall within what one would consider normal to reality outside the game. While few objects in this dimension are liftable (boxes, books, etc.), it is often important in solving the games puzzles, no less so than the four alternate dimensions featured more prominently in the game.

Pocket DimensionEdit

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The Pocket Dimension is referred to by Professor Quadrangle as resembling the inside of someone's pocket, full of objects normally carried in pockets such as cell phones and keys. Although this dimension is only mentioned, never seen or controlled by the player, you (your character) go into it at the very end of the game.